We try to update our FAQs often, in order to answer as many questions as we can, and provide as much transparency as we can for you. 

If we missed something, please don’t hesitate to email us at Familydllc@gmail.com and will be happy to get right back with you!


Mystery Box General FAQ’s

How do “Mystery Boxes” work?

We purchase weekly shipments of palletized Amazon and Target Merchandise, and make them available in small quantities to resellers or individuals looking to start their own small business. We guarantee you will receive a box of “New”, Open Box, or “New w/o Tags” products from a category of your choosing. We will then randomly select products off our shelves from the category you want,
package the products carefully and include a detailed manifest on the contents of your box and what each individual product is worth.

Most of our buyers are looking to make extra money, by reselling the merchandise, however, we have had several friends and families interested in buying a mystery box for themselves. You can also buy a mystery box, and have us ship it to someone in need, or to a friend of yours.. 


Where can I resell my merchandise?

Our recommended selling platforms for your success are Ebay, Amazon, Mercari, Poshmark, Craiglist, Garage Sales, Swap Meets and Facebook Marketplace, etc.

This is the perfect way to start a small business from the comfort and safety of your own home.

What will my “Mystery Box” contain?

Our Mystery Boxes are filled with products from our weekly shipments of Amazon, Bed, Bath and Beyond and Target merchandise. Once you select the type of mystery box you want, we will randomly select items for your box. 

Do I get to pick the contents of my “Mystery Box”?

You do not get to pick the exact contents of your mystery box, but we Do give you the opportunity to choose which category of mystery box you want. Here are some of our categories... 
General Merchandise, Clothing, Shoes, Home Goods, Outdoor, ETC.. Our team is
trained to pick contents that will keep you coming back! Please see our “Shop Now” section for more categories and more information on ordering!

What conditions are the items in? 

“Mystery Box” Contents will be “New”, Open Box or “New w/o Tags” condition. We strive to give you products that would be easy to resell or keep for yourself!
*Boxes may be opened by us, for product quality inspection*

What do I get with my “Mystery Box”?

We provide a detailed manifest inside each of our packages that includes the name of the product and the MSRP value. You will not know the contents of your package, until it arrives on your doorstep.. To us, there’s nothing quite as exciting as the mystery! :)

How many products come in a “Mystery Box”?

Each and every Mystery Box will be unique and the amount of products inside depends on the MSRP of the products we add.  

If I don’t like the products I receive can I return certain pieces?
We have a no return policy on all “Mystery Box” products. All sales are final. Please let us know if you have any questions regarding our policies. 

Do you sell complete pallets?

Yes, we do! We sell them on a First Come- First Served basis, when they are available.